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british sign language

British Sign Language (BSL) / BSL to English interpreting

as you may know, British Sign Language is a visual language with a distinct grammar, vocabulary and structure. our language professionals interpret between BSL and English.

we have an in-house team of qualified communication professionals, plus an extensive network of registered freelance interpreters who can interpret in any domain required.

at appa, whether in-house or freelance, we ensure that all our interpreters:

  • are registered with the NRCPD (the National Registers of Communication Professionals for Deaf and Deafblind People) — and therefore subject to the NRCPD’s professional Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Professional Practice and Complaints & Disciplinary procedures
  • have up-to-date Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks
  • have Professional Indemnity insurance

and that’s not all. as well as being experienced and professional, the interpreters we provide are friendly and easy to work with too!