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note taking

want to be certain you get all the information in a meeting, lecture, conference or other event?

appa’s skilled, friendly notetakers can support you in any domain, so you get every single word spoken — every time.

electronic notetaking

our trained notetakers arrive prepared and ready to support you. notetakers capture an account of your meeting on a dual screen laptop system.

they'll type a detailed summary of what was said at your meeting. depending on the set-up, you can follow and interact with what's going on by using the dual laptop system.

what do you get?

whatever you need! we can give you a first draft of the notes straightaway by e-mail or on a USB stick. the notes will be a comprehensive summary of the event.

otherwise, we can provide fully edited notes a few hours later .

we can also produce a transcript of the event to match your specification. full transcripts are usually delivered within 24 hours of the meeting - although turnaround of transcripts immediately following the event can be provided if required.

we also have an online back-up service, where clients can log in to access notes and transcripts at any time.

manual notetaking

do you need a record of your meeting but don’t need typed notes? our manual notetakers can write a comprehensive summary by hand.

you’ll receive a scanned copy of the notes immediately after the event, with a typed version to follow.

and our manual notetakers’ training means no ‘spider-scrawl’, so you’ll always be able to read the notes in clear handwritten English!